Aug 22, 2012


NEW TREND: Embroidery.
 Jenny Hart
Tim Moore
Takashi Iwasaki
Stephen Sollins

Children Playing With Fire
Nike schroeder
Megan Whitmarsh
Jose Ignacio Romussi Murphy

Matthew Cox

maurizio anzeri

Aug 16, 2012


patricia piccinini

the chapman brothers

duane hanson

enrique marty

sam jinks

samuel salcedo

Jun 7, 2012

Awesome Litte pop Machine's Promo Video

Our Promo video made with lots of love! Our most huge DANKE, THANKS and GRACIAS to Ariane Kampf for her knowledge and professionalism. Enjoy!

Jun 3, 2012

Creepy porcelain

This porcelain sculptures are from danish artist Maria Rubinke, you won't see angels kissing, or beautiful baby animals, in Maria's art you will have an encounter with severed limbs, cracked heads and lots of blood mixed with gorgeous technique. kind of creepy and kind of awesome. Enjoy!