Feb 8, 2013

Special LOVE theme!

Love is in the air... this is a special Valentine's post! Artists, designers, photographers, architects, everybody can be inspired by love because "There is no difference between a wise man and a fool when they fall in love."

Not Ingo's Heart Lamp

Ingo Maurer: euro condom

Ingo Maurer: Lucellino Table Lamp

Valentine's day: Tracey Emin's heart neon sculptures at new york's times square

 Heart mug by Reiko Kaneko

'spread your love' by Hamed Kohan - 'seoul cycle design' competition

Barnaby Barford 'that's amore!', 2011

LEGO stop-motion marriage proposal

Human Heart Wine Carafe | Liviana Osti

Self reflecting lamp by Oliver Schick

Jeff Koons

Lanasutra by Erik Ravelo

Brian M. Viveron Erotic Art


Light my fire by Pei-San